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Pretty soon, you’ll be sending emails faster than a turbo-jet."), 'selectAllLabel': __('All emails on this page are selected.'), 'selectedAllLabel': __('All %d emails are selected.'), 'selectAllLink': __('Select all emails on all pages'), 'clearSelection': __('Clear selection'), 'permanentlyDeleted': __('%d emails were permanently deleted.'), 'selectBulkAction': __('Select bulk action'), 'bulkActions': __('Bulk Actions'), 'apply': __('Apply'), 'filter': __('Filter'), 'emptyTrash': __('Empty Trash'), 'selectAll': __('Select All'), 'restore': __('Restore'), 'deletePermanently': __('Delete Permanently'), 'showMoreDetails': __('Show more details'), 'previousPage': __('Previous page'), 'firstPage': __('First page'), 'nextPage': __('Next page'), 'lastPage': __('Last page'), 'currentPage': __('Current page'), 'pageOutOf': __('of'), 'numberOfItemsSingular': __('1 item'), 'numberOfItemsMultiple': __('%$1d items'), 'selectType': __('Select type'), 'events': __('Events'), 'conditions': _x('Conditions', 'Configuration options for automatic email events'), 'template': __('Template'), 'designer': __('Designer'), 'send': __('Send'), 'subject': __('Subject'), 'status': __('Status'), 'statsListingActionTitle': __('Statistics'), 'statistics': __('Opened, Clicked'), 'lists': __('Lists'), 'settings': __('Settings'), 'history': __('History'), 'viewHistory': __('View history'), 'createdOn': __('Created on'), 'lastModifiedOn': __('Last modified on'), 'sentOn': __('Sent on'), 'oneNewsletterTrashed': __('1 email was moved to the trash.'), 'multipleNewslettersTrashed': __('%$1d emails were moved to the trash.'), 'oneNewsletterDeleted': __('1 email was permanently deleted.'), 'multipleNewslettersDeleted': __('%$1d emails were permanently deleted.'), 'oneNewsletterRestored': __('1 email has been restored from the Trash.'), 'multipleNewslettersRestored': __('%$1d emails have been restored from the Trash.'), 'trash': __('Trash'), 'moveToTrash': __('Move to trash'), 'edit': __('Edit'), 'duplicate': __('Duplicate'), 'newsletterDuplicated': __('Email "%$1s" has been duplicated.'), 'notSentYet': __('Not sent yet'), 'scheduledFor': __('Scheduled for'), 'scheduleIt': __('Schedule it'), 'active': __('Active'), 'inactive': __('Not Active'), 'newsletterQueueCompleted': __('Sent to %$1d of %$2d'), 'sentToXSubscribers': _x('%$1d sent', 'number of welcome emails sent'), 'scheduledToXSubscribers': _x('%$1d scheduled', 'number of welcome emails scheduled to be sent'), 'resume': __('Resume'), 'pause': __('Pause'), 'paused': __('Paused'), 'new': __('Add New'), 'excellentBadgeName': __('Excellent'), 'excellentBadgeTooltip': __('Congrats!'), 'goodBadgeName': __('Good'), 'goodBadgeTooltip': __('Good stuff.'), 'badBadgeName': __('Bad'), 'badBadgeTooltip': __('Something to improve.'), 'openedStatTooltip': __('Above 30% is excellent.\\nBetween 10 and 30% is good.\\nUnder 10% is bad.'), 'clickedStatTooltip': __('Above 3% is excellent.\\nBetween 1 and 3% is good.\\nUnder 1% is bad.'), 'unsubscribedStatTooltip': __('Under 1% is excellent.\\nBetween 1 and 3% is good.\\nOver 3% is bad.'), 'revenueStatsTooltip': __('Revenues generated by customers who made a purchase within two weeks after they clicked on this email. This is the sum of the order totals including shipping and taxes.'), 'checkBackInHours': __('Nice job! Check back in %$1d hour(s) for more stats.'), 'improveThisLinkText': __('What can I do to improve this?'), 'templateFileMalformedError': __('This template file appears to be damaged. Please try another one.'), 'importTemplateTitle': __('Import a template'), 'selectJsonFileToUpload': __('Select a .json file to upload'), 'helpTooltipTemplateUpload': __('You can only upload .json templates that were originally created with MailPoet 3.'), 'upload': __('Upload'), 'mailpoetGuideTemplateTitle': __("MailPoet's Guide"), 'confirmTemplateDeletion': __('You are about to delete the template named "%$1s".'), 'delete': __('Delete'), 'select': _x('Select', 'Verb'), 'preview': __('Preview'), 'selectTemplateTitle': __('Select a responsive template'), 'draftNewsletterTitle': __('Subject'), 'draftPostNotificationTitle': __('The last [newsletter:total] posts from our blog'), 'pickCampaignType': __('Select type of email'), 'createFirstEmailTitle': __('Create your first email'), 'seeVideoGuide': __('See video guide'), 'premiumFeature': __('This is a Premium feature.'), 'learnMore': __('Learn more'), 'regularNewsletterTypeTitle': __('Newsletter'), 'regularNewsletterTypeDescription': __('Send a newsletter with images, buttons, dividers, and social bookmarks. Or, just send a basic text email.'), 'create': __('Create'), 'wooCommerceCustomizerTypeTitle': __('WooCommerce Emails Customizer'), 'wooCommerceCustomizerTypeDescription': __("Customize the template used for your WooCommerce emails using MailPoet's editor. Example of WooCommerce email: Order processing notification, Order failed notification, ..."), 'customize': 'Customize', 'welcomeNewsletterTypeTitle': __('Welcome Email'), 'welcomeNewsletterTypeDescription': __('Automatically send an email (or series of emails) to new subscribers or WordPress users. Send a day, a week, or a month after they sign up.'), 'premiumFeatureLink': __('This is a Premium feature'), 'setUp': __('Set up'), 'postNotificationNewsletterTypeTitle': __('Latest Post Notifications'), 'postNotificationNewsletterTypeDescription': __('Let MailPoet email your subscribers with your latest content. You can send daily, weekly, monthly, or even immediately after publication.'), 'selectFrequency': __('Select a frequency'), 'postNotificationSubjectLineTip': __("Insert [newsletter:total] to show number of posts, [newsletter:post_title] to show the latest post's title & [newsletter:number] to display the issue number."), 'activate': __('Activate'), 'sendWelcomeEmailWhen': __('Send this Welcome Email when...'), 'daily': __('Once a day at...'), 'weekly': __('Weekly on...'), 'monthly': __('Monthly on the...'), 'monthlyEvery': __('Monthly every...'), 'immediately': __('Immediately'), 'sunday': __('Sunday'), 'monday': __('Monday'), 'tuesday': __('Tuesday'), 'wednesday': __('Wednesday'), 'thursday': __('Thursday'), 'friday': __('Friday'), 'saturday': __('Saturday'), 'first': __('1st'), 'second': __('2nd'), 'third': __('3rd'), 'nth': __('%$1dth'), 'last': _x('last', 'e.g. monthly every last Monday'), 'next': _x('Next', 'Button label: Next step'), 'selectEventToSendWelcomeEmail': __('When is this Welcome Email sent?'), 'onSubscriptionToList': __('When someone subscribes to the list...'), 'onWPUserRegistration': __('When a new WordPress user is added to your site...'), 'delayImmediately': __('immediately'), 'delayHoursAfter': __('hour(s) later'), 'delayDaysAfter': __('day(s) later'), 'delayWeeksAfter': __('week(s) later'), 'subjectLine': __('Subject line'), 'subjectLineTip': __("Be creative! It's the first thing that your subscribers see. Tempt them to open your email."), 'emptySubjectLineError': __('Please specify a subject'), 'segments': __('Lists'), 'segmentsTip': __('This subscriber segment will be used for this email.'), 'selectSegmentPlaceholder': __('Select a list'), 'noSegmentsSelectedError': __('Please select a list'), 'sender': __('Sender'), 'senderTip': __('Your name and email'), 'senderNamePlaceholder': __('John Doe'), 'senderAddressPlaceholder': __('john.doe@email.com'), 'replyTo': __('Reply-to'), 'replyToTip': __('When your subscribers reply to your emails, their emails will go to this address.'), 'replyToNamePlaceholder': __('John Doe'), 'replyToAddressPlaceholder': __('john.doe@email.com'), 'newsletterUpdated': __('Email was updated successfully!'), 'newsletterAdded': __('Email was added successfully!'), 'newsletterSendingError': __('An error occurred while trying to send. Please check your settings.'), 'finalNewsletterStep': __('Final Step: Last Details'), 'saveDraftAndClose': __('Save as draft and close'), 'helpTooltipSendEmail': __('You cannot send the same email twice, as that would be considered spam.
If you must send the same email more than one time, simply duplicate this email first.'), 'orSimply': __('or simply'), 'goBackToDesign': __('go back to the Design page'), 'websiteTimeIs': __("Your website’s time is"), 'noScheduledDateError': __('Please enter the scheduled date.'), 'schedule': __('Schedule'), 'close': __('Close'), 'today': __('Today'), 'january': __('January'), 'february': __('February'), 'march': __('March'), 'april': __('April'), 'may': __('May'), 'june': __('June'), 'july': __('July'), 'august': __('August'), 'september': __('September'), 'october': __('October'), 'november': __('November'), 'december': __('December'), 'januaryShort': __('Jan'), 'februaryShort': __('Feb'), 'marchShort': __('Mar'), 'aprilShort': __('Apr'), 'mayShort': __('May'), 'juneShort': __('Jun'), 'julyShort': __('Jul'), 'augustShort': __('Aug'), 'septemberShort': __('Sep'), 'octoberShort': __('Oct'), 'novemberShort': __('Nov'), 'decemberShort': __('Dec'), 'sundayShort': __('Sun'), 'mondayShort': __('Mon'), 'tuesdayShort': __('Tue'), 'wednesdayShort': __('Wed'), 'thursdayShort': __('Thu'), 'fridayShort': __('Fri'), 'saturdayShort': __('Sat'), 'sundayMin': _x('S', 'Sunday - one letter abbreviation'), 'mondayMin': _x('M', 'Monday - one letter abbreviation'), 'tuesdayMin': _x('T', 'Tuesday - one letter abbreviation'), 'wednesdayMin': _x('W', 'Wednesday - one letter abbreviation'), 'thursdayMin': _x('T', 'Thursday - one letter abbreviation'), 'fridayMin': _x('F', 'Friday - one letter abbreviation'), 'saturdayMin': _x('S', 'Saturday - one letter abbreviation'), 'next': __('Next'), 'previous': __('Previous'), 'newsletterBeingSent': __('The newsletter is being sent...'), 'newsletterHasBeenScheduled': __('The newsletter has been scheduled.'), 'newsletterSendingHasBeenResumed': __('The newsletter sending has been resumed.'), 'newsletterInvalidFromAddress': _x('You need to authorize the email address %$1s to be able to send with it. [link]Authorize my email address[/link]', 'Users need to confirm that they own the email address they want to use to send their newsletter'), 'welcomeEmailActivated': __('Your Welcome Email is now activated!'), 'welcomeEmailActivationFailed': __('Your Welcome Email could not be activated, please check the settings.'), 'postNotificationActivated': __('Your post notification is now active!'), 'postNotificationActivationFailed': __('Your Post Notification could not be activated, check the settings.'), 'welcomeEventSegment': __('This newsletter is sent when someone subscribes to the list: "%$1s".'), 'welcomeEventWPUserAnyRole': __('This newsletter is sent when a new WordPress user is added to your site.'), 'welcomeEventWPUserWithRole': __('This newsletter is sent when a new WordPress user with the role "%$1s" is added to your site.'), 'sendingDelayMinutes': __('%$1d minute(s) later'), 'sendingDelayHours': __('%$1d hour(s) later'), 'sendingDelayDays': __('%$1d day(s) later'), 'sendingDelayWeeks': __('%$1d week(s) later'), 'sendingDelayInvalid': __('Invalid sending delay.'), 'sendDaily': __('Send daily at %$1s'), 'sendWeekly': __('Send weekly on %$1s at %$2s'), 'sendMonthly': __('Send monthly on the %$1s at %$2s'), 'sendNthWeekDay': __('Send every %$1s %$2s of the month at %$3s'), 'sendImmediately': __('Send immediately'), 'ifNewContentToSegments': __("if there's new content to %$1s."), 'sendingToSegmentsNotSpecified': __('You need to select a list to send to.'), 'backToPostNotifications': __('Back to Post notifications'), 'noSubscribers': __('No subscribers!'), 'mailerSendErrorNotice': __('Sending has been paused due to a technical issue with %$1s'), 'mailerSendErrorCheckConfiguration': __('Please check your sending method configuration, you may need to consult with your hosting company.'), 'mailerSendErrorUseSendingService': __('The easy alternative is to send emails with MailPoet Sending Service instead, like thousands of other users do.'), 'mailerSendErrorSignUpForSendingService': __('Sign up for free in minutes'), 'mailerConnectionErrorNotice': __('Sending is paused because the following connection issue prevents MailPoet from delivering emails'), 'mailerErrorCode': __('Error code: %$1s'), 'mailerCheckSettingsNotice': __('Check your [link]sending method settings[/link].'), 'mailerResumeSendingButton': __('Resume sending'), 'confirmEdit': __('Sending is in progress. Do you want to pause sending and edit the newsletter?'), 'confirmTitle': __('Confirm to proceed'), 'confirmLabel': __('Confirm'), 'cancelLabel': __('Cancel'), 'recentlySent': __('Recently sent'), 'savedTemplates': __('Your saved templates'), 'templatePreview': __('Template preview'), 'zoom': __('Preview'), 'tabImportTitle': _x('Import', 'Importing template tab title'), 'noTemplates': __('This category does not contain any template yet!'), 'soon': __('Soon'), 'beta': __('Beta'), 'errorWhileTakingScreenshot': __('An error occurred while saving the template in "Recently sent"'), 'selectAutomaticEmailsEventsHeading': __('Select %$1s events'), 'cronNotAccessibleNotice': __('Oops! There seems to be an issue with the sending on your website. [link]See our guide[/link] to solve this yourself.'), 'whatsNew': __("What’s new"), 'updateMailPoetNotice': __('[link]Update MailPoet[/link] to see the latest changes'), 'congratulationsSendSuccessHeader': __('Congratulations, your newsletter is being sent!'), 'congratulationsScheduleSuccessHeader': __('Congratulations, your newsletter is scheduled to be sent.'), 'congratulationsWooSuccessHeader': __('Congratulations, your WooCommerce email has been activated.'), 'congratulationsPostNotificationSuccessHeader': __('Congratulations, your Post Notification is now active.'), 'congratulationsWelcomeEmailSuccessHeader': __('Congratulations, your Welcome Email is now active.'), 'congratulationsSendFailHeader': __('Oops! We can’t send your newsletter 😕'), 'congratulationsSendFailExplain': __('Rest assured, this is fairly common and is usually fixed quickly. [link]See our quick guide[/link] to help you solve this and get your website sending.'), 'congratulationsLoadingHeader': __('Congrats, you’re sending your first newsletter! We’re doing a quick verification to make sure everything works fine.'), 'congratulationsMSSPitchHeader': __('Your email has been sent'), 'reviewRequestHeading': _x('Thank you! Time to tell the world?', 'After a user gives us positive feedback via the NPS poll, we ask them to review our plugin on WordPress.org.'), 'reviewRequestDidYouKnow': __('[username], did you know that hundreds of WordPress users read the reviews on the plugin repository? They’re also a source of inspiration for our team.'), 'reviewRequestUsingForDays': _n('You’ve been using MailPoet for [days] day now, and we would love to read your own review.', 'You’ve been using MailPoet for [days] days now, and we would love to read your own review.', installed_days_ago), 'reviewRequestUsingForMonths': _n('You’ve been using MailPoet for [months] month now, and we would love to read your own review.', 'You’ve been using MailPoet for [months] months now, and we would love to read your own review.', (installed_days_ago / 30) | round), 'reviewRequestRateUsNow': _x('Rate us now', 'Review our plugin on WordPress.org.'), 'reviewRequestNotNow': __('Not now'), 'sendingStatusTitle': _x('Sending status', 'Page title. This page displays a list of emails along with their sending status: unprocessed, sent or failed.'), 'subscriber': __('Subscriber'), 'sendingStatus': _x('Sending status', 'an email sending status: unprocessed, sent or failed.'), 'failureReason': __('Failure reason (if applicable)'), 'resend': __('Resend'), 'unprocessed': _x('Unprocessed', 'status when the sending of a newsletter has not been processed'), 'sent': _x('Sent', 'status when a newsletter has been sent'), 'failed': _x('Failed', 'status when the sending of a newsletter has failed'), 'noSendingTaskFound': __('No sending task found.'), 'statsTitle': __('Stats'), 'loadingStats': __('Loading...'), 'backToList': __('Back'), 'statsPreviewNewsletter': __('Preview in browser'), 'statsDateSent': __('Date'), 'statsFromAddress': __('From'), 'statsToSegments': __('To'), 'statsReplyToAddress': __('Reply-to'), 'statsTotalSent': __('Sent to'), 'percentageOpened': _x('opened', 'Percentage of subscribers that opened a newsletter link'), 'percentageClicked': _x('clicked', 'Percentage of subscribers that clicked a newsletter link'), 'percentageUnsubscribed': _x('unsubscribed', 'Percentage of subscribers that unsubscribed from a newsletter'), 'readMoreOnStats': __('Read more on stats.'), 'clickedLinks': __('Clicked Links'), 'subscriberEngagement': __('Subscriber Engagement'), 'googleAnalytics': __('Google Analytics campaign name'), 'premiumBannerTitle': __('Buy the Premium to see your stats', 'mailpoet'), 'premiumBannerCtaFree': __('Sign Up for Free', 'mailpoet'), 'premiumBannerCtaPremium': __('Purchase Now', 'mailpoet'), 'premiumBannerLink': __('Learn more about Premium', 'mailpoet'), 'gaCampaignLine': __('Google Analytics Campaign'), 'gaCampaignTip': __('For example, “Spring email”. [link]Read the guide.[/link]'), 'subscribersLimitNoticeTitle': __('Congratulations, you now have more than [subscribersLimit] subscribers!'), 'subscribersLimitNoticeContent': __('Our free version is limited to [subscribersLimit] subscribers. You need to upgrade now to be able to continue using MailPoet.'), 'upgradeNow': __('Upgrade Now') }) %> <% include('mss_pitch_translations.html') %> <% endblock %> <% block after_translations %> <%= do_action('mailpoet_newsletters_translations_after') %> <% endblock %>