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<% endblock %> <% block translations %> <%= localize({ 'pageTitle': __('Emails'), 'stepNameTypeStandard': __('Newsletter'), 'stepNameTypeWelcome': __('Welcome Email'), 'stepNameTypeNotification': __('Post Notification'), 'stepNameTypeWooCommerce': __('WooCommerce'), 'stepNameTemplate': __('Template'), 'stepNameDesign': __('Design'), 'stepNameSend': __('Send'), 'dismissButton': __('Dismiss this notice.'), 'tabStandardTitle': __('Newsletters'), 'tabWelcomeTitle': __('Welcome Emails'), 'tabNotificationTitle': __('Post Notifications'), 'tabWoocommerceTitle': __('WooCommerce Emails'), 'tabBlankTitle': __('Simple text'), 'searchLabel': __('Search'), 'loadingItems': __('Loading emails...'), 'noItemsFound': __('No emails found.'), 'emptyListing': __("Nothing here yet! But, don't fret - there's no reason to get upset. Pretty soon, you’ll be sending emails faster than a turbo-jet."), 'selectAllLabel': __('All emails on this page are selected.'), 'selectedAllLabel': __('All %d emails are selected.'), 'selectAllLink': __('Select all emails on all pages'), 'clearSelection': __('Clear selection'), 'permanentlyDeleted': __('%d emails were permanently deleted.'), 'selectBulkAction': __('Select bulk action'), 'bulkActions': __('Bulk Actions'), 'apply': __('Apply'), 'filter': __('Filter'), 'emptyTrash': __('Empty Trash'), 'selectAll': __('Select All'), 'restore': __('Restore'), 'deletePermanently': __('Delete Permanently'), 'showMoreDetails': __('Show more details'), 'previousPage': __('Previous page'), 'firstPage': __('First page'), 'nextPage': __('Next page'), 'lastPage': __('Last page'), 'currentPage': __('Current page'), 'pageOutOf': __('of'), 'numberOfItemsSingular': __('1 item'), 'numberOfItemsMultiple': __('%$1d items'), 'selectType': __('Select type'), 'events': __('Events'), 'conditions': _x('Conditions', 'Configuration options for automatic email events'), 'template': __('Template'), 'designer': __('Designer'), 'send': __('Send'), 'subject': __('Subject'), 'status': __('Status'), 'statsListingActionTitle': __('Statistics'), 'statistics': __('Opened, Clicked'), 'lists': __('Lists'), 'settings': __('Settings'), 'history': __('History'), 'viewHistory': __('View history'), 'createdOn': __('Created on'), 'lastModifiedOn': __('Last modified on'), 'sentOn': __('Sent on'), 'oneNewsletterTrashed': __('1 email was moved to the trash.'), 'multipleNewslettersTrashed': __('%$1d emails were moved to the trash.'), 'oneNewsletterDeleted': __('1 email was permanently deleted.'), 'multipleNewslettersDeleted': __('%$1d emails were permanently deleted.'), 'oneNewsletterRestored': __('1 email has been restored from the Trash.'), 'multipleNewslettersRestored': __('%$1d emails have been restored from the Trash.'), 'trash': __('Trash'), 'moveToTrash': __('Move to trash'), 'edit': __('Edit'), 'duplicate': __('Duplicate'), 'newsletterDuplicated': __('Email "%$1s" has been duplicated.'), 'notSentYet': __('Not sent yet'), 'scheduledFor': __('Scheduled for'), 'scheduleIt': __('Schedule it'), 'active': __('Active'), 'inactive': __('Not Active'), 'newsletterQueueCompleted': __('Processed %$1d of %$2d'), 'sentToXSubscribers': _x('%$1d sent', 'number of welcome emails sent'), 'scheduledToXSubscribers': _x('%$1d scheduled', 'number of welcome emails scheduled to be sent'), 'resume': __('Resume'), 'pause': __('Pause'), 'paused': __('Paused'), 'new': __('Add New'), 'excellentBadgeName': __('Excellent'), 'excellentBadgeTooltip': __('Congrats!'), 'goodBadgeName': __('Good'), 'goodBadgeTooltip': __('Good stuff.'), 'averageBadgeName': __('Average'), 'averageBadgeTooltip': __('Something to improve.'), 'openedStatTooltipExcellent': _x('above 30%', 'Excellent open rate'), 'openedStatTooltipGood': _x('between 10 and 30%', 'Good open rate'), 'openedStatTooltipAverage': _x('under 10%', 'Average open rate'), 'clickedStatTooltipExcellent': _x('above 3%', 'Excellent click rate'), 'clickedStatTooltipGood': _x('between 1 and 3%', 'Good click rate'), 'clickedStatTooltipAverage': _x('under 1%', 'Average click rate'), 'revenueStatsTooltipShort': __('Revenues by customers who clicked on this email in the last 2 weeks.'), 'badBadgeName': __('Bad'), 'badBadgeTooltip': __('Something to improve.'), 'openedStatTooltip': __('Above 30% is excellent.\\nBetween 10 and 30% is good.\\nUnder 10% is bad.'), 'clickedStatTooltip': __('Above 3% is excellent.\\nBetween 1 and 3% is good.\\nUnder 1% is bad.'), 'unsubscribedStatTooltip': __('Under 1% is excellent.\\nBetween 1 and 3% is good.\\nOver 3% is bad.'), 'revenueStatsTooltip': __('Revenues generated by customers who made a purchase within two weeks after they clicked on this email. This is the sum of the order totals including shipping and taxes.'), 'checkBackInHours': __('Nice job! Check back in %$1d hour(s) for more stats.'), 'improveThisLinkText': __('What can I do to improve this?'), 'templateFileMalformedError': __('This template file appears to be damaged. Please try another one.'), 'importTemplateTitle': __('Import a template'), 'selectJsonFileToUpload': __('Select a .json file to upload'), 'helpTooltipTemplateUpload': __('You can only upload .json templates that were originally created with MailPoet 3.'), 'upload': __('Upload'), 'mailpoetGuideTemplateTitle': __("MailPoet's Guide"), 'confirmTemplateDeletion': __('You are about to delete the template named "%$1s".'), 'delete': __('Delete'), 'select': _x('Select', 'Verb'), 'preview': __('Preview'), 'selectTemplateTitle': __('Select a responsive template'), 'draftNewsletterTitle': __('Subject'), 'draftPostNotificationTitle': __('The last [newsletter:total] posts from our blog'), 'pickCampaignType': __('Select type of email'), 'createFirstEmailTitle': __('Create your first email'), 'seeVideoGuide': __('See video guide'), 'premiumFeature': __('This is a Premium feature.'), 'learnMore': __('Learn more'), 'regularNewsletterTypeTitle': __('Newsletter'), 'regularNewsletterTypeDescription': __('Send a newsletter with images, buttons, dividers, and social bookmarks. Or, just send a basic text email.'), 'create': __('Create'), 'wooCommerceCustomizerTypeTitle': __('WooCommerce Emails Customizer'), 'wooCommerceCustomizerTypeDescription': __("Customize the template used for your WooCommerce emails using MailPoet's editor. Example of WooCommerce email: Order processing notification, Order failed notification, ..."), 'customize': 'Customize', 'welcomeNewsletterTypeTitle': __('Welcome Email'), 'welcomeNewsletterTypeDescription': __('Automatically send an email (or series of emails) to new subscribers or WordPress users. Send a day, a week, or a month after they sign up.'), 'premiumFeatureLink': __('This is a Premium feature'), 'setUp': __('Set up'), 'postNotificationNewsletterTypeTitle': __('Latest Post Notifications'), 'postNotificationNewsletterTypeDescription': __('Let MailPoet email your subscribers with your latest content. You can send daily, weekly, monthly, or even immediately after publication.'), 'selectFrequency': __('Select a frequency'), 'postNotificationSubjectLineTip': __("Insert [newsletter:total] to show number of posts, [newsletter:post_title] to show the latest post's title & [newsletter:number] to display the issue number."), 'activate': __('Activate'), 'sendWelcomeEmailWhen': __('Send this Welcome Email when...'), 'daily': __('Once a day at...'), 'weekly': __('Weekly on...'), 'monthly': __('Monthly on the...'), 'monthlyEvery': __('Monthly every...'), 'immediately': __('Immediately'), 'sunday': __('Sunday'), 'monday': __('Monday'), 'tuesday': __('Tuesday'), 'wednesday': __('Wednesday'), 'thursday': __('Thursday'), 'friday': __('Friday'), 'saturday': __('Saturday'), 'first': __('1st'), 'second': __('2nd'), 'third': __('3rd'), 'nth': __('%$1dth'), 'last': _x('last', 'e.g. monthly every last Monday'), 'next': _x('Next', 'Button label: Next step'), 'selectEventToSendWelcomeEmail': __('When is this Welcome Email sent?'), 'onSubscriptionToList': __('When someone subscribes to the list...'), 'onWPUserRegistration': __('When a new WordPress user is added to your site...'), 'delayImmediately': __('immediately'), 'delayHoursAfter': __('hour(s) later'), 'delayDaysAfter': __('day(s) later'), 'delayWeeksAfter': __('week(s) later'), 'subjectLabel': __('Subject'), 'subjectLine': __('Type newsletter subject'), 'subjectLineTip': __("Be creative! It's the first thing that your subscribers see. Tempt them to open your email."), 'preheaderLabel': __('Preview text'), 'preheaderLine': __('Type preview text (usually displayed underneath the subject line in the inbox)'), 'preheaderLineTip1': __("This optional text will appear in your subscribers' inboxes, beside the subject line. Write something enticing!"), 'preheaderLineTip2': __("Max length is 250 characters, however, we recommend 80 characters on a single line."), 'emptySubjectLineError': __('Please specify a subject'), 'segments': __('Lists'), 'segmentsTip': __('Subscribers in multiple lists will only receive one email.'), 'selectSegmentPlaceholder': __('Select a list'), 'noSegmentsSelectedError': __('Please select a list'), 'sender': __('Sender'), 'senderTip': __('Your name and email'), 'senderNamePlaceholder': __('John Doe'), 'senderAddressPlaceholder': __('john.doe@email.com'), 'replyTo': __('Reply-to'), 'replyToTip': __('When your subscribers reply to your emails, their emails will go to this address.'), 'replyToNamePlaceholder': __('John Doe'), 'replyToAddressPlaceholder': __('john.doe@email.com'), 'newsletterUpdated': __('Email was updated successfully!'), 'newsletterAdded': __('Email was added successfully!'), 'newsletterSendingError': __('An error occurred while trying to send. Please check your settings.'), 'finalNewsletterStep': __('Final Step: Last Details'), 'saveDraftAndClose': __('Save as draft and close'), 'helpTooltipSendEmail': __('You cannot send the same email twice, as that would be considered spam.
If you must send the same email more than one time, simply duplicate this email first.'), 'pendingKeyApprovalNotice': __('You’ll soon be able to send once our team reviews your account. In the meantime, you can send previews to [link]your authorized emails[/link].'), 'orSimply': __('or simply'), 'goBackToDesign': __('go back to the Design page'), 'websiteTimeIs': __("Your website’s time is"), 'noScheduledDateError': __('Please enter the scheduled date.'), 'schedule': __('Schedule'), 'allSendingPausedHeader': __('All sending is currently paused!'), 'allSendingPausedBody': __('Your key to send with MailPoet is invalid.'), 'allSendingPausedLink': __('Purchase a key'), 'close': __('Close'), 'today': __('Today'), 'january': __('January'), 'february': __('February'), 'march': __('March'), 'april': __('April'), 'may': __('May'), 'june': __('June'), 'july': __('July'), 'august': __('August'), 'september': __('September'), 'october': __('October'), 'november': __('November'), 'december': __('December'), 'januaryShort': __('Jan'), 'februaryShort': __('Feb'), 'marchShort': __('Mar'), 'aprilShort': __('Apr'), 'mayShort': __('May'), 'juneShort': __('Jun'), 'julyShort': __('Jul'), 'augustShort': __('Aug'), 'septemberShort': __('Sep'), 'octoberShort': __('Oct'), 'novemberShort': __('Nov'), 'decemberShort': __('Dec'), 'sundayShort': __('Sun'), 'mondayShort': __('Mon'), 'tuesdayShort': __('Tue'), 'wednesdayShort': __('Wed'), 'thursdayShort': __('Thu'), 'fridayShort': __('Fri'), 'saturdayShort': __('Sat'), 'sundayMin': _x('S', 'Sunday - one letter abbreviation'), 'mondayMin': _x('M', 'Monday - one letter abbreviation'), 'tuesdayMin': _x('T', 'Tuesday - one letter abbreviation'), 'wednesdayMin': _x('W', 'Wednesday - one letter abbreviation'), 'thursdayMin': _x('T', 'Thursday - one letter abbreviation'), 'fridayMin': _x('F', 'Friday - one letter abbreviation'), 'saturdayMin': _x('S', 'Saturday - one letter abbreviation'), 'next': __('Next'), 'previous': __('Previous'), 'newsletterBeingSent': __('The newsletter is being sent...'), 'newsletterHasBeenScheduled': __('The newsletter has been scheduled.'), 'newsletterSendingHasBeenResumed': __('The newsletter sending has been resumed.'), 'newsletterInvalidFromAddress': _x('You need to authorize the email address %$1s to be able to send with it. [link]Authorize my email address[/link]', 'Users need to confirm that they own the email address they want to use to send their newsletter'), 'welcomeEmailActivated': __('Your Welcome Email is now activated!'), 'welcomeEmailActivationFailed': __('Your Welcome Email could not be activated, please check the settings.'), 'postNotificationActivated': __('Your post notification is now active!'), 'postNotificationActivationFailed': __('Your Post Notification could not be activated, check the settings.'), 'welcomeEventSegment': __('This newsletter is sent when someone subscribes to the list: "%$1s".'), 'welcomeEventWPUserAnyRole': __('This newsletter is sent when a new WordPress user is added to your site.'), 'welcomeEventWPUserWithRole': __('This newsletter is sent when a new WordPress user with the role "%$1s" is added to your site.'), 'sendingDelayMinutes': __('%$1d minute(s) later'), 'sendingDelayHours': __('%$1d hour(s) later'), 'sendingDelayDays': __('%$1d day(s) later'), 'sendingDelayWeeks': __('%$1d week(s) later'), 'sendingDelayInvalid': __('Invalid sending delay.'), 'sendDaily': __('Send daily at %$1s'), 'sendWeekly': __('Send weekly on %$1s at %$2s'), 'sendMonthly': __('Send monthly on the %$1s at %$2s'), 'sendNthWeekDay': __('Send every %$1s %$2s of the month at %$3s'), 'sendImmediately': __('Send immediately'), 'ifNewContentToSegments': __("if there's new content to %$1s."), 'sendingToSegmentsNotSpecified': __('You need to select a list to send to.'), 'backToPostNotifications': __('Back to Post notifications'), 'noSubscribers': __('No subscribers!'), 'transactionalEmailNoticeTitle': __('Good news! MailPoet can now send your website’s emails too'), 'transactionalEmailNoticeBody': __('All of your WordPress and WooCommerce emails are sent with your hosting company, unless you have an SMTP plugin. Would you like such emails to be delivered with MailPoet’s active sending method for better deliverability?'), 'transactionalEmailNoticeBodyReadMore': _x('Read more.', 'This is a link that leads to more information about transactional emails'), 'transactionalEmailNoticeCTA': _x('Enable', 'Button, after clicking it we will enable transactional emails'), 'mailerSendErrorNotice': __('Sending has been paused due to a technical issue with %$1s'), 'mailerSendErrorCheckConfiguration': __('Please check your sending method configuration, you may need to consult with your hosting company.'), 'mailerSendErrorUseSendingService': __('The easy alternative is to send emails with MailPoet Sending Service instead, like thousands of other users do.'), 'mailerSendErrorSignUpForSendingService': __('Sign up for free in minutes'), 'mailerConnectionErrorNotice': __('Sending is paused because the following connection issue prevents MailPoet from delivering emails'), 'mailerErrorCode': __('Error code: %$1s'), 'mailerCheckSettingsNotice': __('Check your [link]sending method settings[/link].'), 'mailerResumeSendingButton': __('Resume sending'), 'confirmEdit': __('Sending is in progress. Do you want to pause sending and edit the newsletter?'), 'confirmTitle': __('Confirm to proceed'), 'confirmLabel': __('Confirm'), 'cancelLabel': __('Cancel'), 'recentlySent': __('Recently sent'), 'savedTemplates': __('Your saved templates'), 'templatePreview': __('Template preview'), 'zoom': __('Preview'), 'tabImportTitle': _x('Import', 'Importing template tab title'), 'noTemplates': __('This category does not contain any template yet!'), 'soon': __('Soon'), 'beta': __('Beta'), 'errorWhileTakingScreenshot': __('An error occurred while saving the template in "Recently sent"'), 'selectAutomaticEmailsEventsHeading': __('Select %$1s events'), 'cronNotAccessibleNotice': __('Oops! There seems to be an issue with the sending on your website. [link]See our guide[/link] to solve this yourself.'), 'whatsNew': __("What’s new"), 'updateMailPoetNotice': __('[link]Update MailPoet[/link] to see the latest changes'), 'congratulationsSuccessHeader': __('Congratulations!'), 'congratulationsSendSuccessBody': __('Your newsletter is being sent!'), 'congratulationsScheduleSuccessBody': __('Your newsletter is scheduled to be sent.'), 'congratulationsWooSuccessBody': __('Your WooCommerce email has been activated.'), 'congratulationsPostNotificationSuccessBody': __('Your Post Notification is now active.'), 'congratulationsWelcomeEmailSuccessBody': __('Your Welcome Email is now active.'), 'congratulationsSendFailHeader': __('Oops! We can’t send your newsletter'), 'congratulationsSendFailExplain': __('Rest assured, this is fairly common and is usually fixed quickly. [link]See our quick guide[/link] to help you solve this and get your website sending.'), 'congratulationsLoadingHeader': __('Verification'), 'congratulationsLoadingBody': __('Congrats, you’re sending your first newsletter! We’re doing a quick verification to make sure everything works fine.'), 'congratulationsMSSPitchHeader': __('Your email has been sent!'), 'congratulationsMSSPitchSubHeader': __('What’s next? Sign up to MailPoet Premium to see who clicked and opened your email. It’s entirely free for you!'), 'sendingStatusTitle': _x('Sending status', 'Page title. This page displays a list of emails along with their sending status: unprocessed, sent or failed.'), 'subscriber': __('Subscriber'), 'sendingStatus': _x('Sending status', 'an email sending status: unprocessed, sent or failed.'), 'failureReason': __('Failure reason (if applicable)'), 'resend': __('Resend'), 'unprocessed': _x('Unprocessed', 'status when the sending of a newsletter has not been processed'), 'sent': _x('Sent', 'status when a newsletter has been sent'), 'failed': _x('Failed', 'status when the sending of a newsletter has failed'), 'noSendingTaskFound': __('No sending task found.'), 'statsTitle': __('Stats'), 'loadingStats': __('Loading...'), 'backToList': __('Back'), 'statsPreviewNewsletter': __('Preview in browser'), 'statsDateSent': __('Date'), 'statsFromAddress': __('From'), 'statsToSegments': __('To'), 'statsReplyToAddress': __('Reply-to'), 'statsTotalSent': __('Sent to'), 'percentageOpened': _x('opened', 'Percentage of subscribers that opened a newsletter link'), 'percentageClicked': _x('clicked', 'Percentage of subscribers that clicked a newsletter link'), 'percentageUnsubscribed': _x('unsubscribed', 'Percentage of subscribers that unsubscribed from a newsletter'), 'readMoreOnStats': __('Read more on stats.'), 'clickedLinks': __('Clicked Links'), 'subscriberEngagement': __('Subscriber Engagement'), 'googleAnalytics': __('Google Analytics campaign name'), 'premiumBannerTitle': __('Buy the Premium to see your stats', 'mailpoet'), 'premiumBannerCtaFree': __('Sign Up for Free', 'mailpoet'), 'premiumBannerCtaPremium': __('Purchase Now', 'mailpoet'), 'premiumBannerLink': __('Learn more about Premium', 'mailpoet'), 'gaCampaignLine': __('Google Analytics Campaign'), 'gaCampaignTip': __('For example, “Spring email”. [link]Read the guide.[/link]'), }) %> <% include('mss_pitch_translations.html') %> <% endblock %> <% block after_translations %> <%= do_action('mailpoet_newsletters_translations_after') %> <% endblock %>