<%= __('Your bounced emails will be sent to this address.') %> <%= _x('Read more.', 'support article link label') %>

<%= __('Select what will activate your newsletter queue.') %> <%= _x('Read more.', 'support article link label') %>

<%= __("To use this option please add this command to your crontab:") %>

<%= __("With the frequency of running it every minute:") %>

<%= __('Roles and capabilities') %>

<%= __('Manage which WordPress roles access which features of MailPoet.') %>

<% if (members_plugin_active) %>

<%= __('Manage using the Members plugin') %>

<% else %> <%= __('Install the plugin [link]Members[/link] (free) to manage permissions.') |replaceLinkTags('https://wordpress.org/plugins/members/', {'target': '_blank'}) |raw %> <% endif %>

<%= __('Enable or disable open and click tracking.') %>


<%= _x('Choose which method to send all your WordPress emails (e.g. password reset, new registration, WooCommerce invoices, etc.).', 'Transational emails settings description') %> <%= _x('Read more.', 'Transactional emails settings link') %>

<%= __("Gmail, Yahoo and other email providers will treat your emails like spam if your subscribers don't open your emails in the long run. This option will mark your subscribers as Inactive and MailPoet will stop sending to them.") %> <%= _x('Read more.', 'support article link label') %>

<%= __('This option is disabled because tracking is disabled.') %>

<%= __('Share anonymous data and help us improve the plugin. We appreciate your help!') %> <%= _x('Read more.', 'support article link label') %>


<%= __('Built-in captcha protects your subscription forms after a second signup attempt by a bot. Alternatively, use reCAPTCHA by Google.') %> <%= __('Sign up for an API key pair here.') %>

<%= __('Please fill the reCAPTCHA keys.') %>

<%= __('Want to start from the beginning? This will completely delete MailPoet and reinstall it from scratch. Remember: you will lose all of your data!') %>

<%= __('Reinstall now...') %>

<%= __('Enables logging for diagnostics of plugin behavior.') %>