<%= __("If you enable this option, your subscribers will first receive a confirmation email after they subscribe. Once they confirm their subscription (via this email), they will be marked as 'confirmed' and will begin to receive your email newsletters.") %> <%= __('Read more about Double Opt-in confirmation.') %>

style="display:none;"<% endif %> > <%=- __('Sign-up confirmation is mandatory when using the MailPoet Sending Service.') -%>

style="display:none;"<% endif %> >  

value="<%= settings.signup_confirmation.subject %>" <% endif %> />

<%= __("Don't forget to include:

[activation_link]Confirm your subscription.[/activation_link]

Optional: [lists_to_confirm].") %>

<%= __('When subscribers click on the activation link, they will be redirected to this page.') %>

<%= __('Preview') %>