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<%= __('Greetings, humans.') %>

<%= __('The new MailPoet. Simply better. And with regular updates.') %>

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<%= __('Coming this Fall to a WordPress plugin page near you') %>

<%= __('The highly-anticipated sequel to Dead Poets Society, Introduction to MailPoet will keep you on the edge of your seat. "Five out of five stars," says Rafael Ehlers, MailPoet Support Manager. "A must-watch for aspiring email poets."') %>

style="display: none;"<% endif %>>

<%= __('But first, watch this video') %>

<%= __("Wait a second. Don't click that big blue button just yet. Yeah, we're talking to you. Before you do anything, you should really watch this video. It won't change your life, but it will save you (and our support team) a ton of time. And what is life without time? So, maybe it is life-changing, after all...") %>

style="display: none;"<% endif %>>

<%= __('Explanatory videos are boring, we know') %>

<%= __("But this video is really important! We promise. Over the course of three minutes, you'll learn how to send your first newsletter, manage your lists, make billions of dollars and live happily ever after. That's right – it's that good. So get watching.") %>

<%= __('Documentation Is One Click Away') %>

<%= __('Simply click on the blue circle in the bottom right corner of any of the MailPoet pages to access our documentation.') %> <%= __('Voilà!') %>

<%= __('Sharing is Caring') %>

<%= __("By sharing your data anonymously with us, you can help us understand how people use MailPoet and what sort of features they like and don't like.") %> <%= __('Find out more') %> →

<%= __("Awesome! Now, take me to MailPoet") %> →
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