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{{ __ ("Top class software and support")}}

{{ __ ("I love this software and the support service.")}}
{{ __ ("This is definitely the #1 poll plugin for WP. I give this software and its support service a A++++.")}}

{{ __ ("I'm so glad to be a Pro version user. The US$17 upgrade worth every cent...")}}

{{ __ ("I originally had some difficulties with the tool, and I reported them. \(This is normal for all software.\)")}} {{ __ ("After I reported my issues, the support got in touch with me very quickly and have the problem resolved.")}} {{ __ ("Also, they listened to my suggestions and worked with me to have things implemented and resolved.")}} {{ __ ("This is definitely a TOP CLASS service.")}}

{{ __ ("edwintam, wordpress user")|e}}

{{ __ ("Great support for a very useful product")}}

{{ __ ("I used yop poll standard and tried upgrading. I ran into an issue and send support an email. I got the best suppor timaginable. They immediately (within the hour) started working on the issue, solved it and solved a bunch of other stuff in the running.")}}

{{ __ ("Superb Support, absolutely worth paying for!")}}

{{ __ ("fredverhoeven, wordpress user")|e}}

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