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I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

Galatians 2:20 (NASB)
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Survey News

bullet blueUK Prayer Survey

26 March 2013

A 2013 Poll (Sample size: 2,015) commissioned by the Church of England, asked the following question:

Irrespective of whether you currently pray or not, if you were to pray for something at the moment, What would it be for?

  • 31% said "Peace in the world"

  • 27% said "A end to poverty in the world"

  • 14% of those polled said they would not pray for anything (10% of Women and 19% of Men surveyed).

bullet blueUS Catholic Surveys

8 March 2013

Added results from various surveys of American Catholics in 2012.

bullet blueCensus 2011 - Religion

11 December 2012

Results from the UK Census 2011 show that:

  • 59.3% of persons in England and Wales self-identify as 'Christian' (down from 71.7% in 2001). This equates to four million less Christians.

  • 25.1% of persons in England and Wales (14.1 Million) self-identify as having no religion at all (up from 14.8% in 2001).

bullet blueUS Religion Survey-2012

17 October 2012

The US religion Survey found that from 2007 to 2012:

  • The percentage of those who identified as 'Protestant' fell from 53% to 48%, but for Catholics the drop was only 1% (from 23% to 22%).

  • The percentage of persons who were not affiliated with any religion * increased from 11.6% to 13.9%.

* Defined as either Atheists, Agnostics or 'Nothing in particular'.

bullet blueYou Gov Survey

21 February 2012

Added a new page with some statistics from a You Gov survey held in the UK in 2012.

bullet blueBritish Social Attitudes

12 February 2012

Added a new page with key statistics from the 2010 Survey.

bullet blueReligion in Europe - Map

10 February 2012

Added a clickable map giving details of religions in each European country and parts of Africa and Asia.

bullet blueUK Religion Poll - 2011

6 February 2012

A 2011 poll conducted in the UK gave the following results for religious adherence:

  • Church of England - 30%
  • Roman Catholic - 9%
  • Atheist - 8%
  • Other Christian - 13%
  • Islam 2%
  • No Particular Religion - 28%
  • Other - 7%
  • Refused/Prefer not to say - 3%.

bullet blueStatistics

22 January 2012

The following statistics are available:

Church and Churchyard

The Catholic Church in England & Wales

English FlagWelsh Flag

Data from the Latin Mass Society.

Download a spreadsheet with the data.

Key Points

  • Weekly mass attendance fell between 30.7% between 1993 and 2010, as compared to corresponding falls of 10.9% in the Catholic population and 9.4% in the number of priests over the same period.
  • In the 50 years between 1912 and 1962, the Catholic Population more than doubled in size. It continued to rise up to 1993, when it peaked at 4.53 million.
  • Over the same 50 year period, the number of priests also nearly doubled in size, peaking at 7,887 in 1965. The number of priests has fallen each year since 2002. The 2011 total of 5,264 represents the lowest total since 1937.

 Catholic Mass Attendance: 1993-2010

Catholic Population: 1912-2010

Catholic Priests: 1912-2011

Catholic Ordinations: 1912-2011

Catholic Parish Churches: 1912-2010

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