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Faith Survey: Results

Faith Survey is part of the Christianity in View series of websites.

Results are given for the Catholic, Protestant, General Belief and Religion & Gender Surveys.

The Results So Far

   » Results are available via PDF download below.

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   » Data is correct as of 6 February 2016. Summary answers below are rounded down.

Catholic Survey

27% attend Mass every week or more, against 15% who rarely or never attend.

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General Belief Survey

41% view Hell as being 'a place of eternal separation from God' against 31% who deny its existence.

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Protestant Survey

20% believe 'Same sex couples should be given full marriage rights' against 49% who state 'There should be no legal recognition of same sex relationships'.

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Religion and Gender Survey

41% pray once at least once a day against 28% who never do so.

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