American Catholic Surveys (2012-2015)


Research carried out by the Public Religion Research Institute in 2012 and 2015 in the USA, and based on a series of surveys produced the following results for American Catholics:


Catholic Population (Survey: N=3,003)1

American Catholics - White by Percentage

American Catholics - Hispanic by Percentage

Catholics/Former Catholics - As a percentage of the total US population

Same Sex Marriage (Survey: N=3,003)1

Should Gay and Lesbian Couples be allowed to marry legally?

Abortion (Survey: N=3,003)1

Should Abortion be legal in all or most cases?

Is Abortion Morally Wrong?

Contraception (Survey: N=3,003)1

Is the use of Contraceptives morally acceptable?

Birth Control and Teenagers (Survey: N=1,007)2

Should methods of birth control be available to teenagers 16 or older?

Death Penalty (Survey: N=3,003)1

Should persons convicted of Murder receive life imprisonment or the death penalty?

Social Justice v Morality (Survey: N=3,003)1

Should the Catholic Church's public policyfocus more on social justice
and helping the poor or issues such as Abortion and the Right to Life? *

* Results are given for Catholics who attend church one or more times per week.

The "Pope Francis Effect" (Survey: N=1,331)3

Has your view of the Catholic Church changed over the last few years?

Other findings from this survey