Irish Religion Preferences

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Irish Flag NOTE: The statistics for 1834 and 1861 refer to the whole of Ireland; those from 1881 onwards have been adjusted to exclude Northern Ireland by CSO.

The 1834 figures list 'Methodist' under 'Anglican (Church of Ireland)'.

During the period 1845-1852, Ireland experienced the 'Great Famine', which led to a fall in the population of between 20% and 25%.

From 1881 to 2011:

From 1961 to 2011, the category of 'No Religion' increased from 1,107 (0.04%) to 269,811 (5.88%). It now represents the largest group in Ireland by percentage and absolute values outside of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sources: CSO Ireland and Religious Statistics for the Island of Ireland.


Other Statistics

Source: The Irish Times.

Note: Percentages may total 100% due to rounding.